Business Advice from a Medical Entrepreneur

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Today’s conversation is: “Business Advice from a Medical Entrepreneur,” featuring Dr. Takhar

Business Advice from a Medical Entrepreneur
Business Advice from a Medical Entrepreneur Dr. Deepa Takhar

We cover:
* How COVID-19 has changed the medical landscape
* The evolution of virtual medicine
* How we can support the front line medical professionals
And much more

About Dr. Deepa Takhar

Deepa graduated as a medical doctor from Manchester University in the United Kingdom. Coming from a traditional conservative immigrant family, she faced significant challenges in obtaining her professional status. She trained as a family physician but also obtained more qualifications in obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics. In addition to being a physician, she is well-known for being an entrepreneur.

Her business activities have ranged from family practice, cosmetic clinics, both residential and commercial real estate, public speaking, medical journalism and business consulting. She has been very involved in physician recruitment and has recruited many doctors to Cambridge and Kitchener. To that end, she was awarded the Women of Waterloo WOW award.

Not only was she the first to establish a cosmetic clinic in Cambridge, but for 12 consecutive years, it has been rated as the Fan Favorite by the Readers Choice awards. In addition to her business interests, Dr. Takhar has been involved with significant charitable ventures. She has served on the board for the Women’s Crisis Services in Cambridge and continues to be a supporter. Having experienced domestic violence herself and some challenges specific to her status as a visible immigrant, she holds these causes close to her heart.

She has raised her children as a single parent and has a great deal of empathy with the challenges single parenthood brings. Her passion for medicine has given her the ability to develop relationships with her clients and to help her learn the client’s needs to help them gain their desired results.

Future endeavors include increasing her involvement in teaching and training as well doing research on anti aging medicine. She is currently interested in the role of medical cannabis and other holistic products in skin care and overall wellness.

Business Advice from a Medical Entrepreneur

With Covid-19 world wide pandemic , the Ministry of health reduced some of the restrictions around providing virtual care for family medicine in Ontario. With this in mind she launched VirtualMD, an Ontario wide virtual medical practice to serve family practice needs. This is a rapidly growing scale able medical service that will transform how health care is delivered. Currently it has piloted in Ontario and has had tremendous growth. The future involves partnering with other health service providers to become Canada’s premier virtual medical centre.

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