Business Advice from Cats

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Today’s conversation is: “Business Advice from Cats,” featuring Nicole Jansen

Business Advice from Cats
Business Advice from Cats Nicole Jansen

We cover:
* Embracing the freedom to recreate yourself
* Paradigm shift from getting back to biz vs going forward to biz
* The magic of generosity
And much more

About Nicole

Nicole Jansen Nicole has been empowering entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Her vast experience in business, leadership and human behavior along with overcoming adversity in her own life has uniquely equipped her to bring out the best in others. Her coaching clients span 5 continents and range from start-up entrepreneurs focused on growing their business to industry leaders looking to use their influence to make a greater impact in the world.

She is the founder of Discover The Edge and host of the Leaders Of Transformation Podcast, reaching listeners in over 140 countries.

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