Breathing Away Your Stress

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Today’s conversation is: “Breathing Away Your Stress,” featuring Tracy Lawson

Breathing Away Your Stress
Breathing Away Your Stress Tracy Lawson

We cover:
* How breathing can ease stress
* Breathe away the anxiety
* How to tap into your brain with your breath
And much more

About Tracy Lawson

Aware of the vast need for people to heal, transform and grow, Tracy’s adventurous spirit and fiery optimism led her to create Maha Soul Yoga Studio. Tracy is the founder, Mama Bird, and “space-holder” for others. She gently encourages all the sweet souls that venture in physically and virtually to find joy in shining their own light, therefore raising the vibration of the planet.

Breathing away your stress

Tracy is an initiated Kuraq Akulleq (4th Level Shaman and Wisdom Keeper in the Peruvian Incan tradition of the Andes), 500 hour certified yoga instructor, Aroma Touch therapist, creatrix and owner of Maha Soul and author of the Positive Intention Workbook. Tracy’s intention is to create a healing and empowering mindset for those who need it, through the services she provides and the products she sells.

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